About us

Looking for DJ Lessons?

Mix Tutor provide one on one DJ lessons within the GTA.

Our founder has more than 20 years of DJ experience and has played at many events and held many club & bar residencies within the UK.

Mix Tutor offers both basic and advanced DJ tuition on club standard Pioneer CD equipment and software based control systems.

Conveniently located North of Toronto within easy reach of the 400 & Barrie South Go Train, lessons are tailored to your existing DJ skill set and desired learning goals.

Want To Learn About Music Production?

Our Tutor holds a BND level 3 extended diploma in Music technology  (urban & electronic), and has 10 years experience in production.

Being experienced in a number of musical styles from trance to commercial pop and everything in between, let MixTutor.ca teach you all the basic and more advanced music production techniques.

Lessons are primarily offered on Cubase 8 Pro or Ableton Live 8 but if you do have a specific software package you'd like to learn then please get in touch

Mix Tutor studios have completed a number of tracks for release and have also undertaken freelance mix projects and mastering contracts for a number of clients and record labels.